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Thai town maddened by marauding monkeys launches plan to lock them up and send them away

A Thai town, run ragged by its ever-growing population of marauding wild monkeys, has launched an offensive against the simian raiders, using trickery and ripe tropical fruit More »


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Sherpa guide Kami Rita who climbed Everest 30 times vows to return to the mountain next year

Sherpa guide Kami Rita is back from Mount Everest after his record 30th successful ascent of the world’s highest peak, vowing to return to the mountain again next year More »


The real stars of Cannes may be the dogs

It’s been a dog’s life at this year’s Cannes Film Festival — or should that be the Canine Film Festival More »


Woman found living in Michigan store sign told police it was a little-known 'safe spot'

Police in Michigan have released body camera video of an encounter with a woman who was living inside a sign on the roof of a grocery store More »


Mariachis. A flame-swallower. Mexico's disputes between street performers just reached a new high

Mexico’s often violent disputes between street performers reached a new level this week when a group of guitar-toting mariachis tangled with a flame-swallower More »


Sour Patch Kids Oreos? Peeps Pepsi? What's behind the weird flavors popping up on store shelves

Surprising flavor combinations – think gravy-flavored Jones Soda or Sour Patch Kids Oreos -- are showing up more frequently in grocery stores and restaurants More »


Billionaire rains cash on UMass graduates to tune of $1,000 each, but says they must give half away

Billionaire philanthropist Rob Hale has surprised the graduating class at the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth by giving each of them $1,000 More »


How cockroaches spread around the globe to become the pest we know today

A new study tracks how cockroaches spread around the globe to become the survival experts we know today More »


A college puts the 'cat' into 'education' by giving Max an honorary 'doctor of litter-ature' degree

A Vermont university has bestowed the honorary degree of “doctor of litter-ature” on a cat named Max who has become a beloved member of its community More »


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