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The House passes billions in aid for Ukraine and Israel after months of struggle. Next is the Senate

The House has approved a $95 billion package of foreign aid for Ukraine, Israel and other U.S. allies after months of turmoil on Capitol Hill More »


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The House votes for possible TikTok ban in the US, but don't expect the app to go away anytime soon

The House has passed legislation that would ban TikTok in the United States if the popular social media platform’s China-based owner doesn’t sell its stake within a year More »


Donald Trump will use his weekend reprieve from the courtroom to campaign in North Carolina

Former President Donald Trump is slated to campaign in North Carolina as he juggles legal troubles and his rematch against President Joe Biden More »


Israel and Iran's apparent strikes and counterstrikes give new insights into both militaries

This month’s unprecedented direct attacks between Iran and Israel are revealing deeper insights into both militaries More »


Biden avoids a further Mideast spiral as Israel and Iran show restraint. But for how long?

President Joe Biden can perhaps breathe a bit easier given that Israel and Iran seem to have stepped back for now from tipping the Middle East into all-out war More »


An Israeli airstrike in Gaza's south kills at least 9 Palestinians in Rafah, including 6 children

Gaza hospital officials say an Israeli airstrike on a home in the territory's southernmost city of Rafah has killed at least nine people, six of them children More »


Record numbers in the US are homeless. Can cities fine them for sleeping in parks and on sidewalks?

The most significant case in decades on homelessness has reached the Supreme Court as record numbers of people in America are without a permanent place to live More »


California is rolling out free preschool. That hasn't solved challenges around child care

Investments in public preschool have helped many parents through a child care crisis, in which quality options for early learners are often scarce and unaffordable More »


War, hostages, antisemitism: A somber backdrop to this year's Passover observances

Passover is a major Jewish holiday, celebrated over seven or eight days each year More »


Record Store Day celebrates indie retail music sellers as they ride vinyl's popularity wave

Record Store Day celebrates independent retail music sellers who have endured long after megastores like Tower Records closed More »


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